Stefano’s Cane Corso Puppies

Prices for puppies are 2999. Pet is only for 2499 and 3499 for the pick of the litter. All puppies stay with me until they are eight weeks old.

  1. The puppy is guaranteed to be free of crippling hip dysplasia for 24 months. Penn Hipp results of mild to severe will be given a replacement when available. If the buyer wants to keep the puppy then proof of sterilization must be provided and the registration papers returned before a replacement is provided. Stefano Cane Corso will not be responsible for hip dysplasia that was caused by early breeding, intentionally or unintentionally, or due to an injury or accident. ~~Panosteitis is a growth disease that is common in large breed puppies. It is not considered crippling and with good puppy food or adult food you can slow down the growth of your puppy.
  2. The buyer acknowledges that this puppy is being purchased as a pet quality puppy and is not to be bred at any time. The buyer must show proof that the puppy has been neutered by 9 months of age. At this time the registration papers will be given to the buyer.
  3. In no circumstances does the seller grant cash refunds or accept any liability for medical expenses, veterinarian fees or any other expenses related to the care of your cane corso.
  4. Stefano Cane Corso only breed corsos with excellent temperaments. We socialize all our puppies prior to the buyer receiving them. Although, the overall temperament of your puppy is based on the amount of time you give to your puppy and to it’s development and socializations. Seller encourages buyer to enroll puppy in Puppy Kindergarten class between 4 to 6 months of age and Basic Obedience by 10 months of age with a certified trainer in a class setting. It is also recommended that you enroll your dog in a refresher course at 18 months of age. Under no circumstances should rough training methods be used on your cane corso. Proper socialization and training is a must for your puppy to be well-adjusted, welcome member to your family.
  5. In the event that the buyer is unable to keep the puppy/dog the puppy/dog will be returned to the seller with the registration or the seller will assist in finding an appropriate home for the puppy/dog. Buyer’s agree to notify the seller if such an issue arises and will not sell or give the dog away or take to a shelter.
  6. Glandular hypertrophy (Cherry Eye) are considered common to the breed and are not covered under this contract.
  7. All puppies will carry the Stefano Cane Corso name. This will be reflected on the registration papers. All puppies are AKC registered.
  8. Upon signing below, both buyer and seller agree to all the terms stated within this contract.